Our Mission is to provide the youth of the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area, the highest quality youth sports program. The Association believes that participation in team sports can be an important ingredient in healthy youth maturation.
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Coaching Requirements for NKYHA:

ALL items below are required to be completed PRIOR to the first practice for your team. If your requirements are not completed, you will not be able to coach for the season. You must receive verification from Megan that you are able to participate in the season prior to stepping foot in a locker room or on the ice. We take the safety and security of our players very seriously so these requirements are taken just as seriously. Please contact Megan or Jaime with any questions.

1) USA Hockey Registration (please complete here)

2) Background Check (found here)

3) Coaching Clinic / CEP

  • For a list of Clinic dates and locations or to register, please click here
  • The coaching clinic season for Levels 1-3 officially runs from September 1 to December 31.
  • Level 4 clinics are typically held from April to August with some districts holding them as late as September/October.
  • If you don’t see one near you right away, continue to check the website as clinic instructors add clinics on a weekly, if not daily basis. Most clinics have been held by November. If you do not see one in your area, you may need to travel to a neighboring state to locate a clinic before the end of the calendar year or the start of the next clinic season.

4) Age Specific Module (found here)

  • Must be completed each time you move up to a new age group.

5) SafeSport Training (found here)

  • As of April 2020, this must be completed every year.


** ALL registration costs for the above required items are able to be credited to your player's account. You MUST email the receipts for registration to within 30 days of registration to receive your credit. Please send receipts in one email if possible. **

** When you have completed ALL requirements, please email your USA Hockey Registration number (and only that) to
for verification that you are able to be placed on the roster. Reminder: You MUST complete the requirements before the season starts or you will not be able to coach. **