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2010-2011 USA Hockey Coaching Education Program

All coaches/on ice hockey instructors must be a registered as a USA Hockey Member (Coach) before the start of the season. This requirement is in addition to the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Certification requirement describe below. Do not confuse membership with coaching clinic registration. Both can be accomplished separately at www.usahockey.com.

All on ice hockey coaches and or on ice instructors for youth/high school, disabled, girls, women 19 and under who are registered with USA Hockey must properly wear an approved ice hockey helmet during all on ice sessions including practices, controlled scrimmages, and coach or referee clinics.

USA Hockey coaching clinics provide a universal certification for all coaches no matter where the clinics are held or where the coaches are from. All head and assistant coaches must have a USA Hockey coaching education program (CEP) completed by December 31st of the current season and must also be listed correctly in the USA Hockey coaches certification list at www.usahockey.com.

It is the coaches’ responsibility to make sure both of these requirements are met by December 31st.Coaching clinics are normally held from September 1st to December 31st of the current hockey season.
Coaches that are USA Hockey Members may assume all coaching duties without their proper USA Hockey Coaching Certification(s) from the start of the season through December 31st only. This provides up to four months during the current playing season for coaches to attend and complete their proper coaching education program level(s).

If a coach is unable to produce a current, up to date USA Hockey coaching card with the appropriate level of certification ( see the coaching grid in this section ) by December 31st of the current season, the coach in question will be INELIGIBLE to coach any on-ice activity on the very next day which is January 1st. This includes all practices and games. Note that only USA Hockey properly certified coaches are allowed on the ice and or on the bench from January 1st on. Each USA Hockey roster can have up to 4 coaches listed. No other team personnel (except for players) can be on the ice during practices or on the bench during games. That means no medical person, gate opener, team manager, trainer or any other designated person can be on the bench.

Evidence of coaching level: Beginning January 1st all USA Hockey coaches must possess a USA Hockey coaching program card (with a current validation sticker) indicating the appropriate level they are coaching during all USA Hockey games. The USA Hockey Coaching Program (CEP) number, coaching level (1-5) and the year attained must be recorded on all game score sheets for all of the coaches on the bench. The head coach must also list their name, signature and phone number on the score sheet. If a coaches do not have their proper coaching card but have their current CEP number, valid level, and the valid year attained ( which can be obtained from  www.usahockey.com with a “coaches certification list” search) at the start of the game, all can be entered on the score sheet. 
Compliance/penalty: It is the responsibility of the local association registering the team to enforce the evidence of level and remove coaches on their teams that do not have the proper certification level or do not have a current validation sticker.
Normal Coaching Program Progression

All coaches shall progress through the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program, attending a coaching clinic at least once every three years through level 3. Upon completion of level 3, the coach shall do one of the following after three seasons: register online and attend another level 3 clinic, recertify at level 3 through a online course atwww.usahockey.com , or complete a level 4 clinic.
Note that once a coach reaches level 4 or 5 the coaching certification is good for life and does not expire or deactivate.
Coaches must attend the entire clinic in order to get their certification. If a coach is unable to attend, arrives late or leaves early, no certification will be awarded and there is no refund . Coaches should not register for any clinic if they cannot commit to the entire day.

It’s mandatory to bring a government photo id, pen/pencil, notepad, skates, stick, and gloves to the level 1 clinic. Coaches will be issued a level 1 USA Hockey coaching card when they complete the clinic. Helmets are mandatory for on-ice.

No on-ice session for level 2 and higher. Bring a government photo id, pen/pencil, notepad, and a USA Hockey coaching card. If coaches lose their coaching card, they can still attend the clinic if they are listed in the coach’s certification list at the previous level and have successfully completed their online registration for the next level. See also the USA Hockey Coaching Clinic Online Registration and Lost/Damaged Coaching Card Replacement.

USA Hockey Coaching Clinic Online Registration Requirements

Northern Kentucky has mandatory online registration at www.usahockey.com using credit card, debit card and gift card for the exact amount. No manual registrations or walk ups with cash or checks will be accepted. Successful online registration is the only guarantee that a coach will have a seat at the clinic. If coaches need online payment assistance they must contact their local hockey association.ee clinic level registration instructions below and read all the information before registering.

Coaching Clinic Online Registration

New coaches must not make any errors on their name, zip code, and date of birth. Errors are the number one reason why coaches fail the level 2 online registrations. USA Hockey software must see a match on all three items every time a coach registers for a clinic. The USA Hockey online clinic registration and the coach’s certification list tract all coaches using the three categories. The level 1 registration will accept the errors but all subsequent clinic registrations will fail because the coach is not recognized.

*** Names should be
first and
last only. Do not use middle names or middle initials. Last names should not be followed by Jr., II, etc. Mistakes are made on the date of birth pull down because coaches go to fast or do not verify what’s entered. Coaches should do their own clinic registration. ***
The coaches’ certification list has the coaches’ date of birth hidden from view. Date of birth errors cannot be corrected at the clinic. Corrections have to be done by USA Hockey. DOB errors can take up to 4 weeks to correct during the season.
Print confirmation form, if successful on registration. Also click and print the registration form – see highlighted words on the confirmation form. Coaches can use the form to check for any errors on their name, zip code, date of birth, etc.
To register for a coaches clinic(s) www.usahockey.com point cursor toward the “Coaches” banner,
Click “coaching clinics”

Coaching Certification List – Reporting Certification List Errors to USA Hockey

The coach’s certification list serves as an aid for verifying the coach’s certification. It is not intended to serve as a record. The Coaching Education Program (CEP) card reflects the most current and accurate certification level attained.

If a coach’s name does not appear on the list or the information does not accurately reflect the current certification level, please contact the USA Hockey National Office, attn. Hockey coaching department by fax or email. They will need a copy of the front and back of the CEP card, insure that the CEP number, name, and certification sticker(s) are all visible and legible. Also include your full name, current address, date of birth, telephone number, and email address.

 To register for a USA Hockey Coaching Clinic or view any other subjects below go to www.usahockey.com and point the cursor toward “Coaches” banner.

Coaches should first contact their local hockey association ACE Coordinator or Coaching Director with questions on the Coaching Education Program. The second contact for questions is the individual clinic instructor listed on the clinic detail at USA Hockey.